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The Electricity Act requires every transmission licensee to comply with the technical standards of operation and maintenance of transmission lines, in accordance with the Grid Standards, as specified by the CEA. The duties of a transmission licensee under the Electricity Act include amongst others:(a) to build, maintain and operate an efficient and economic inter/intra state transmission system; and (b) to provide non-discriminatory open access to its transmission system for use by any licensee or generating company on payment of transmission charges and to any consumer on payment of transmission charges and a surcharge thereon in accordance with the Electricity Act.Surya Construction Company . takes continuous action regarding operation and maintenance to seek to ensure compliance with prescribed standards as well as to achieve high availability of the system for uninterrupted power supply to customers.

The maintenance of the ISTS involves the routine inspection and overhaul of transmission system assets and the replacement of components. Condition assessment and monitoring techniques are used to help optimise maintenance intervals and reduce system outages. SURYA CONSTRUCTION has developed flexible working practices to take advantage of the system conditions for day-to-day maintenance work and also modify their annual maintenance programme according to generation maintenance schedules. Techniques such as live-line working are also used to enable certain types of maintenance to be carried out without taking transmission lines out of service. Emergency restoration systems (“ERSs”) are used for early restoration in case of natural disasters and other exigencies.
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